If the operator HMI is connected to the CNC and PLC via PROFIBUS/MPI, and the S7 TCP protocol is unavailable, the SINUMERIK S7 ONLINX OPC UA server can be used. It is installed directly on the operator HMI and utilizes the s7onlinx interface to communicate through PROFIBUS/MPI.

To make this possible, we provide a variety of builds for this OPC UA server that are compatible with different versions of Windows, including Windows XP, Windows 2000, and Windows NT4, which are commonly used on SINUMERIK 840 Dpl HMIs.

This OPC UA server has been tested and proven to work well on the SINUMERIK 840 Dpl series, as well as on other models of Siemens SINUMERIK.

Read more about s7onlinx for PROFIBUS/MPI communication.


version: v2.7.0

published: Jun 03, 2024

Download 32-bit installer for Windows XP Service Pack 3 - 1.2 MB

Download 32-bit installer for Windows 2000 - 972.71 KB

Download 32-bit installer for Windows NT 4 - 973.21 KB